Susan Elizabeth

Me, very serious, age 4.

Me, still serious, many years later.

Things I've Been Saying (in under 140 characters)

Things I've Been Reading

Hi, I'm Susan and this is my website. I was born in Newfoundland, grew up in New Brunswick, and I now live in Toronto with my husband Sam.

I work as a principal at Bridgeable, a service design firm in Liberty Village. I'm particularly interested in the complex interactions people have with the world around them, and figuring out ways to make those interactions simpler and better. One of my favourite projects is TheraChoice, a web tool to help people navigate treatment decisions for cancer. For more work-related stuff, you can check out my LinkedIn profile. Every once in a blue moon, I also write blog posts for the Bridgeable website:

In my spare time, I play a lot of duplicate bridge. If you are interested in that sort of thing (hi, Mom!), my bridge wiki outlines my somewhat-out-of-date bidding agreements.

I'm also big into sports. I run and play soccer and do yoga and evangelize for the cult of Body Pump. I follow most sports as a spectator. I love tennis and curling and most especially baseball. I always support the Blue Jays and I always keep score.

I read a lot. You can check out the books I've been reading on my book list. Otherwise, I subscribe to the Globe & Mail (which I somewhat anachronistically prefer to read as an actual physical newspaper), and my Instapaper is always full of articles I've found on twitter.

My other main hobby is food. Sam does almost all of the cooking in our house, which frees me up to focus on the eating. Sam and I have an imaginary restaurant called The Money Pit (which we will never open, because it would be nothing but a giant money pit). Although the restaurant is not real, its visual brand definitely is. (It was created by the very talented Sally Chan.) Sometimes, I will post one of The Money Pit's menu items on my very neglected Provisions blog. An implicit first step in all these recipes is, "Find someone wonderful who will make this for you."

I hacked together this website using Dreamweaver. All of the photos on the main page were taken by me (or occasionally Sam) during our various travels, using a decidedly un-fancy camera. I used the super groovy Supersized jquery plugin to make the rotating background images. The Provisions blog is done in WordPress using a slightly modified version of the Pilcrow theme.

Last updated 07 September 2015.