Susan Elizabeth

Me, very serious, age 4.

Me, still serious, many years later.

Things I've Been Saying (in under 140 280 characters)

Things I've Been Reading

Hi, I'm Susan and this is my website. Once upon a time when the Internet was new, this was a personal website with a regularly-updated blog. Now, it's mostly an online vestigial organ that I hang on to for sentimental reasons.

I was born in Newfoundland, grew up in New Brunswick, and I now live in Toronto with my husband Sam and our two small boys. I play a lot of sports, read a lot of books, and organize my life with terrifying assiduousness.

Professionally, I work on the design and management of complex human systems, so they can be sustainable and purposeful. I use all kinds of approaches to do that, including human-centred design, process engineering, organizational behaviour, artificial intelligence, and change management. For more work-related stuff, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

One of my main hobbies is food. Sam does almost all of the cooking in our house, which frees me up to focus on the eating. We have an imaginary restaurant called The Money Pit (which we will never open, because it would be nothing but a giant money pit). Although the restaurant is not real, its visual brand definitely is. (It was created by the very talented Sally Chan.) Sometimes, I will post one of The Money Pit's menu items on my very neglected Provisions blog. An implicit first step in all these recipes is, "Find someone wonderful who will make this for you."

I hacked together this website using Dreamweaver. All of the photos on the main page were taken by me (or occasionally Sam) during our various travels, using a decidedly un-fancy camera. I used the super groovy Supersized jquery plugin to make the rotating background images. The Provisions blog is done in WordPress using a slightly modified version of the Pilcrow theme.

Last updated 31 March 2021.